Studio FES 
Where I usually have no problem with writing a small text or paragraph, writing about yourself is something completely different. But since I converted my passion for painting and art into a profession and Studio FES was created, it’s about time I give it a shot.

My name is Frederiek sennema. Drawing and painting has always been a passion of mine. Oil painting is usually my favorite way of painting. But I also love to work with aquarelle paint, which requires a totally different approach. Oil painting gives you the opportunity to make loads of mistakes and still make something of it, where with aquarelle painting one mistake can ruin the painting. 

Besides paintings on canvas, with now and then a sale, I have also made a couple of wall murals for third parties: I’ve worked with some other painters to paint a wall in the famous Amsterdam zoo Artis! But also painted a couple of children bedrooms and the French classroom at the Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Buitenveldert in Amsterdam. It is terrifying to get handed a paintbrush at a pearly white wall and be told to make something of it, but in the end I’m proud of the outcome. 

The painting and baking of biscuit pottery, in my own ceramic oven, is another hobby that I enjoyed to do over the past years. And with me, a lot of children at their children’s birthday parties have enjoyed baking their own plates and cups under my supervision. Also adults, mostly ladies, had a wonderful time during a morning workshop! And presenting the result after some days always led to a surprise, joyous and a proud feeling for the recipient. 

Surface pattern design
After developing my skills in Adobe Illustrator, I’m now able to recreate my real-life paintings in a digital environment and convert them into fun surface patterns designs. Beautiful fond colors and loads of options! Varying from a flower design on a pillowcase, to a design which features your own dog. The possibilities are endless!

My goal with Studio FES is to make as many people as possible happy with my designs and my paintings!

I truly appreciate you visiting my website. If you have a question, comment or something else you want to discuss with me, don't hesitate to contact me through the form you can find on my website! Or e-mail me at: I will reach out shortly after!

Warm regards,
Frederiek Sennema